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Dear Bijin Nabe lovers in Singapore,

Bijin Nabe (or Beauty Hot Pot), selected in TOP 10 steamboat in Singapore, is now a new style Japan-based steamboat. The rich chicken collagen soup is unique and special for one’s skin (so it is called beauty pot, I like this name). Although I am just one Japanese customer, not a staff, the beauty pot is the best favorite Japanese cuisine in Singapore.

Do not be surprised that this beauty pot is not available in Japan, because it is a special menu only in Singapore! To my surprise, however, I did not know several enthusiastic non-Japanese (Singaporean, I believe) fans posted videos to introduce the beauty pot on Youtube! I really respect these videos and creators.

In this entry, let me introduce Japanese Tsukada Nojo. I believe I am one of the best royalty customers. Both in Japan and Singapore, its service is well considered and provided despite of different style. Please enjoy how Japanese Tsukada Nojo has such different services through this article!

What is Tsukada Nojo?

In Japan, Tsukada Nojo is not just a restaurant but a Japanese-style bar so customers enjoy foods with alcohol (beer, sake 日本酒 and Shochu 焼酎 distilled spirit). The main customers in Singapore seem families, couples and friends. The main customers in Japan, in contrast, seem colleagues coming after their work. The Japanese customers drink at Tsukada Nojo and get closer each other, which is so called nommunication “combined word of nomu (drink in Japanese) + communication”.

One of the important philosophies of Tsukada Nojo is “Direct Logistics of Fresh Foods from Farmers”. Chicken, vegetables and other ingredients are delivered to each outlet every day, over 800km away from Tokyo, the main production area is Miyazaki Prefecture, in Kyushu region, south west island of Japan. Tsukada derives from an address located in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Tsukada Nojo in Japan provides various dishes of a la carte in order to not only enjoy their meal, but also enjoy Miyazaki domestic dishes that Tokyo people do not know. Below is the most popular dish: char-grilled (Miyazaki domestically grown) chicken.

Charcoal-grilled Miyazaki-grown chicken
Charcoal-grilled Miyazaki-grown chicken.

Ball-shaped chicken is grilled by burning charcoals so the chicken looks dark and overcooked but NOT. The surface of chicken is roasted in a spicy flavor and inside it has rich delicious chicken oil. The green mountain on a sliced carrot near the grilled chicken is Yuzu pepper, which is also available in Singapore for the beauty pot. This yuzu pepper is also originated in Kyushu region. So Tokyo people did not know it first. This is a good spice actually so is used for many grills in Japan now.

This kind of taste can not be gotten in Singapore. I hope try it in Japan.

Miyazaki-grown chicken dumpling
Miyazaki-grown chicken dumpling.

This is similar to the beauty pot but different. This is dumpling in a collagen hot pot. I am not sure that the soup is same as that of the beauty pot. As far as I know, the dumpling soup includes not only chicken collagen but also seafood. And the dumpling skin includes tapioca flour, I am not sure whether it is ordinary or not in Chinese cuisine. A Japanese staff told me that this kind of skin is new. But actually eating this dumpling with the collagen soup is very nice. I hope it will also become popular in Singapore. Unfortunately, this menu is available only in Japan.

Unforgettable Services

To my surprise, there is a special SNS within staff, we cannot access it. Farmers share fresh ingredients photos on that SNS with staff in their outlet. And staff in their outlet share information about how the customers enjoyed their meal with foods freshly-harvested by the farmers. This means the farmers and the staff interact each other via this SNS. The staff in their outlet are happy to see those fresh ingredients from posts given by the farmers. And the farmers are also happy to see reports given by the staff. So both of them are motivated to think better service via the SNS. This is a sort of revolution that there is a direct interaction between farmers, staff and customers. This style is no longer primary, secondary or tertiary sector of industry. That is why Tsukada Nojo provides “warm-heart” services.

Promotion gift for President
Promotion gift for President.

Royalty card is also available in Japan as shown in the photo given above. Promotion gift is also available as in Singapore. When I got promoted to President & CEO, I received a Parker-brand ball-point pen. On its appearance there is a graved “TSUKADA president” letters (it is a secret to show!).

I’m also an enthusiastic fan of Tsukada Nojo and use outlets both in Japan & Singapore. I notified it to a Japanese staff in Akihabara outlet and there was a message written in Japanese such that “Get Promoted Beyond the Border! (国境を越えて昇格!)” over a package of the pen on the photo. This kind of service and sense is also dependent on staff. Of course I am very happy for this message.

Pop-art plate
Pop-art plate is given as you wish.

Hand-drawn pop-art plate is also available. Each staff thinks its layout and serve to customers. I saw many Singaporean customers who take photos with that plate. I feel happy because many customers in Singapore enjoy their meal as Japanese customers do.

Fancy Interior

Interior of Akihabara outlet
Interior of Akihabara outlet.

In Japan, there are over 200 outlets, mainly in Tokyo. Do you know Akihabara 秋葉原? If the readers are familiar with Japanese Anime and Manga (cartoons), e.g. Naruto or One Piece, you would be busy for shopping in this area. One of the outlets is located in this shopping area. The above-mentioned photo is an interior of Akihabara outlet. The interior in Singapore is based on this Japanese-style. Wood-based interior makes us comfortable because Japanese people believe wood post also “breathes” like we do. That is why we can feel warm.

A girl paint on the window
A girl paint on the window (specific in Akihabara outlet).

Each outlet is possible to decorate their own. In the photo given above, there is a girl on the window. I do not know who illustrated. This shows icon of Akihabara, the town of Animation and Comics. In each outlet, the staff can think their best service (not everything, though) and serve actually.


Conclude this entry with the following message. Tsukada Nojo is the only “homestyle” restaurant both in Japan and Singapore. When I firstly visited Tsukada Nojo in Japan I was very impressed that staff had warm heart in their drastic service with a reasonable price. At that time I decided I will not visit other Japanese-style bars because these were no longer attractive to me. To my more surprise again, the service was same in Singapore outlets! Furthermore non-Japanese customers also enjoyed their meal same as Japanese and there was a long queue outside! Tsukada style and spirit were accepted! I immediately liked this homestyle restaurant and became one of the most enthusiasts in Singapore too!

If you read this blog and want to visit Tsukada Nojo in Japan, it is my big pleasure. I really hope this entry could contribute “connecting” Japan & Singapore through Tsukada Nojo. I really love it!

External Link: Tsukada Nojo Japan

Note: this article was originally published in July 2015, and is re-published after a review.